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The People's Drink

We exist to instill in others the thirst for beer knowledge. To advance their drinking experience. To reclaim craft beer as the drink of the people. To connect lovers of beers worldwide.To bridge the gap between beginner and expert. To educate the next generation of beer professionals.



Our courses give an accessible and enjoyable understanding of the word's most popular alcoholic beverage.


We connect beer lovers, creators and advocates from around the globe, to share ideas and experiences.


We bridge the gaps between beginners, enthusiasts and experts, to inspire the next generation of beer professionals.



Chief of Beer Knowledge

Nick is the Head Brewer and Co-Founder of Steam Machine Brewing Company and has spent over 15 years developing his beer knowledge. He's worked with beer experts from across the globe and lives and breathes craft beer. Combine this with his background in teaching science and you've found the perfect person to be your guide throughout your beer journey as part of The Fellowship of Beer.


Beer Friend

Ash began his craft beer journey 7 years ago and found that it was difficult to find any beginner friendly beer courses. Since then he's worked as a marketing manager for a brewery and drank lots of beer. As part of The Fellowship of Beer, he's here to accompany you on your beer journey and be your friendly face and host!


More Coming Soon!

We are currently working hard on some new and exciting courses, but if there's anything you'd love for us to cover, then drop us a message any way you wish...

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