Exclusive Premium
Craft Beer Box

Steam Machine Brewing Company wants to involve YOU in every part of the creative process.

Together we want to share ideas, make decisions on styles, unusual & rare ingredients, barrels to age beers in, and much much more.

We want to tread the brewing path less travelled, and we want to share all that with a super limited number of people....

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Why Should Brewers Have All The Fun?

How It Works:


Become part of an interative and unique Beer Box Club & beer focussed society.


Make suggestions, vote on recipes, choose barrels for ageing and more!


The beers we create together are EXCLUSIVE to the Fellowship Of Beer

What's In The Box?

Every other month you’ll receive AT LEAST TEN eclectic and delicious beers. Many of these beers YOU will have had a hand in producing. Your ideas, your votes, your decisions. As a member of The Fellowship Of Beer Club, we’ll be a on journey, together to create incredible tasting and unique beers.

Most of the beers will be in hand-bottled 375ml champagne bottles. Each pack will be about beer diversity, interesting ingredients, including wild, mixed fermentation and barrel aged beers. Each pack will contain at LEAST six imperial strength beers.

On top of that, we'll bring you bonus limited edition collaborations and surprise extra beers. Your beer box will be brimming with documentation, tasting notes, food and beer pairing guides, links to videos, and other cheeky surprises along the way...

We keep using the word EXCLUSIVE. Why? Because this club is super exclusive! We aren’t trying to grow this to the thousands and hundreds of thousands. We currently have our 100 Founding Members, and are opening up new places throughout 2024, up to a MAXIMUM of 450.

So just 450 people in total. That might sound like a random number, but it's pretty much how many bottles we can get from a barrel taking into account packing all those wonderful extras in there, like eight kilos of foraged bilberries, three bushells of gorseflower or what not!

"The BEST variety of quality beers I have ever come across. The staff are faultless. I would advise everyone to visit..."

Andrew S - Google Reviews

"Clever brewers passionate about their products! The beers are second to none with a delightful variety of light ales, velvety smooth stouts and more. Steam Machine is definitely the place to visit for any ale connoisseurs!"

Wendy C - Trip Advisor

"Their idea of craft beer American-style goes beyond the IPA-centric interpretation you find in many UK craft breweries. Yes, you can find west coast, hazy, fruited and brut IPAs, but you can also find lagers, abbey ales, saisons, hefeweizens, and roggenbiers. My favorites were undoubtedly the strong malty beers like the decadent Treacle Toffee Stout and the delicious small batch Belgian Quads.

"I left Britain with a treasure trove of memories, but some of my favorites took place at Steam Machine."

Pat's Pints - Ohio Podcast / Beer Blog

"A superb brewer with a great selection that is constantly refreshed with new brews. The on site bar at the brewery is a great place to drink the produce and just chill out."

Kev C - Facebook

"Sublime in every sense. The alcohol is delicious, the company is amazing and the whole aura of the place is relaxed but fun as well. If you want a small bar with amazing ale, look no further. This place will blow your mind, literally if you get carried away with the strong ones!"

Mik D - Google Reviews

"THE Best brewery in the North East, exceptionally made beers in a warm friendly environment.

"Their Beers cater for all tastes."

Michael G - Google Reviews

About Us

Steam Machine has been on a rollercoaster of an adventure! Officially founded in 2015, but existing as an obsessive concept for a lot longer, we were there at the tipping point of the UK’s Craft Beer Revolution BOOM.

Our mission has always been to showcase just how vast the world of beer is, and how different every pint of beer can be. We do this by constantly experimenting, exploring bygone recipes, and using our extensive palates to create a myriad of different tasting beers. We LOVE what we do!

But why should the brewers have all the fun? We want to share our brewing ideas with you, we want to know YOUR ideas. We want to make eclectic beers that are interactive and exclusive to the Fellowship Of Beer Club.

This is no ordinary Beer Box. We aren’t chasing fifty shades of haze. There is no room here for subtle nuance.

Expect wild foraged fruits & herbs, long barrel ageing, heritage malts, unusual ingredients, and styles of beer you won’t get in the Supermarkets or a run of the mill craft taproom!